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John B., Bangor, PA - "I took my van to the dealer for transmission trouble and got an estimate of $2200. I called Floyd's and they got it done for $900 less and no surprises.."

Tammy M., Nazareth, PA - "Sometimes my car wouldn't start, sometimes it would stall, but it never did it all the time. I was really worried about getting the runaround going from shop to shop to get it fixed."

"I brought it to Floyd's, they listened to my concerns, ran a few tests, and presented me with a clear repair strategy. My car runs great and I really appreciate being involved in the diagnostic and repair process.."

Angel S., Stockertown, PA - "I used to do our oil changes at home to save money. Our family vacation in Virginia was coming up and I didn't have the time so I brought it to Floyd's."

"During the free maintenance inspection that comes with the oil change, they noticed an antifreeze leak at the radiator seam. I can't imagine getting stranded on the interstate 100 miles from home."

"My wife said, that's it, we're taking the truck to Floyd's from now on.."

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